Friday, May 25, 2018

May Rudolph Day

In addition to checking the United app to see Vic's flight status, it was another fun Rudolph Day, one more closer to Christmas.  Today's task was Catalog Shopping Tips - not much to do there.  The bulk of the holiday catalogs don't start coming in the mail until late fall although I still have clippings from last year's catalogs, things I thought I might buy that I never did.  Maybe this year.

This month's movie was The Santa Clause.  I wonder how many turned it into a marathon and watched all three?  I enjoyed all three (although not today), it's one of the movies where the sequels are just as enjoyable as the original.

I'm busy working on my ornaments for the Christmas in July ornament swap and I had a few updates to my planner.  I reactivated my Ebates account and added a little to my balance when I picked up a few items from Target - 5% off for using the Redcard + Ebates + free shipping.

I dropped off my Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Wish List at my local Hallmark - the first big event is the Ornament Premiere July 14-22 and I have a few ornaments that will not be in until the October Debut Event October 6-14.  I will be sad to say goodbye to my local Hallmark store here in Virginia - they really are lovely and make a huge production out of the Ornament Premiere.  The store closest to us in Washington is not known for its customer service.

I added two more ornaments to my collection - this gorgeous little caroler from ModerationCorner on Etsy and the anchor with cardinal (Virginia's state bird) from the gift shop where I volunteer.  This glass ornament is made locally and will be a lovely memento of our time here and of my friends at the gift shop.

Caroler with close-up on carol sheet

I'm also busy pinning ideas for Christmas in July on Pinterest.  I can't remember if I posted this year's themes (we decided to go with one a day this year) so here they are if you'd like to join us.  We've grouped them into general areas (the bold titles) and then listed the daily topics below.

Decor and Decorating:

1 Trees

· how to make a tree look fuller

· tree decorating tip, tricks, techniques

· garland – ribbon, tinsel, beads, other

2 Wreaths and Wreath-making

3 Living Room & Hallways

4 Bedrooms & Bathrooms

5 Bookcases

6 Tablescapes

7 Kitchen cabinets

8 Fireplace / Mantle

9 Walls - how to hide cords, hang things without making nail holes

10 Ways to make decorating easier

Outdoor Decorating

11 Doors

12 Windows

13 Front Porch

14 Lighting

15 Yards - blow-ups, stand-alone items (reindeer, etc. )

16 Perimeter ideas - lights, candy canes, other row-type items

How to Display

17 Christmas cards

18 Stockings

19 Candles and Lanterns 

20 Wreaths 

21 Natural items pine cones, greenery, flowers artificial and real

22 Mason Jars

23 Pillows and throws 

24 Wood crates

25 Ideas for hanging Magical Holiday Home ornaments - July Rudolph Day

26 Pinterest Party – share three ideas you found on Pinterest – things you’ve made, things you’d like to make, things you just LOVE

27 CIJ Dinner/Breakfast/Party - do you hold one? If so, tell us about it. Planning for or dreaming about one? Tell us your ideas.


28 Music

29 Movies

30 Books

It's a Wrap

31 Your Choice - a wrap-up (summary of the month post) or tell us all about your wrapping (paper, bows, ribbon, other trims) plans.

I hope you had a fun Rudolph Day!

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  1. Your post made me smile! so nice & Christmassy :) glad you enjoyed your Rudy day