Monday, May 7, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-17

The weather:::
 A bit of a setback here with temperatures in the low 60s for part of the week but they'll shoot up to 87 on Sunday.

On my reading pile:::
Going to the library tomorrow to restock.

On my TV:::
Season Finale of Call the Midwife last night - roll on 2019 and Season 8.  Midsomer Murders Season 20 has been released on Amazon and I've delved back into The West Wing.

Checked off the list:::
  • A frenzy of activity all week for the Charities Event on Thursday - wrote the script, finished the PowerPoint presentation, got a manicure, picked up the cake, took all the supplies to the venue, stood up in front of 50 people and spoke, all in all it was a success.
  • Went to Sit 'n Sip with the spouses' group Moms' Club and had a thoroughly enjoyable morning chatting with some of the ladies.  Only one brought her littles but we've all got kids of one age or another so it was fun to share some hilarious stories.
  • My Tea Cup & Mug Exchange package arrived - reveal coming soon.
  • Vic jetted in from Maine on Friday and left for Japan on Saturday.
  • Got the crushing news that Longaberger has ceased operations - not sure if it's forever or just for restructuring.  Longaberger is such a part of so many great memories.
Crafts roundup:::
Loveseat on hold while Vic is traveling.  I'm on hold waiting for supplies for my ornament swap project.

And in other news:::
Even with his crazy travel schedule, Vic remembered Mother's Day, even though he thought it was yesterday and not next week!  The added bonus is that he will be here for it after all.  I see brunch and LIfe of the Party at the movies.

Can you believe I'm going to be able to resist opening that bag until next Sunday?


  1. How sweet of him to make sure you're cherished on Mother's Day!

  2. That's not fair!! I hope you really can resist!

  3. LOL Waiting is torture!

    We drove past the Longaberger building while on vacation last fall. So the picnic basket of Yogi Bear's dreams. :)