Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge Volume 352

I haven't hodgepodged in a while but question 4 made me think of a cartoon I recently saved so here we go.  Check out Joyce's post here if you'd like to join in.

1.  What would you say is your biggest day to day challenge?

Drinking water.  Not just drinking 8 glasses of water but drinking water period.  I can go all day without thinking about it.

2.  May 16th is National Biographers Day.  What's a biography you really enjoyed reading?  Is this a genre you read regularly?

I enjoyed Jackie, Janet & Lee by J. Randy Taraborrelli.  I enjoy the genre and read a couple a year.

3.  How important is keeping a clean house?  Do you need to de-clutter your life?

It's very important for me to keep a clean house.  Clutter drives me up the wall.  We have a lot of things but they are all in their place.  I could do with more kitchen storage so a larger kitchen is definitely high up the must-haves when we search for our forever home.

4.  You're the 8th dwarf.  What's your name?

I love Christmas and I could take on any of these.  Well, maybe not Carol, The Voice I'm not. 

5.  What's surprised you the most about your life or life in general?

I'm more outgoing than I ever thought I could be.  I suppose it's the nature of the military life - every time we move, I have to get out there and meet people.  I never thought I would be one to go to a spouse event cold turkey (I always had the benefit of a toddler in tow in our early Navy life - nothing like a child to help you start a conversation!).  Now, it's get out there and mingle.  It helps that military spouses are armed with some great conversation starters - how long have you lived here, where did you move from, is your husband on shore or sea duty?

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Did you catch the fashions at the Met Gala?  Did you have a favorite?  I can't decide between these three - Blake Lively, Priyanka Chopra, and Zendaya


  1. Welcome back to the Hodgepodge.
    I think I', going to borrow one of your dwarfs for my answer :)
    I just couldn't come up with anything.

    Happy Hodgepodge Day!!

  2. I can't quite imagine not thinking of drinking water. I tend to exceed the eight glasses every day, but then I also don't drink sodas, coffee, or other drinks.

  3. My mother-in-law is the same way with water, and has had to go to the ER twice because we thought there was a heart issue, but turns out she was just a little de-hydrated. A trainer once told me to put eight glasses (or however many) on the counter in the morning as a reminder. Might be worth a try. Have a great day!

  4. Yes! Until I started bringing my Yeti cup to work, I also struggled with drinking water.

  5. We buy bottled water at Costco and to remind myself to drink it, I set aside 4 bottles in the fridge to drink for that day. I don't always do it, but it does help me to think about it. I also drink a ton of unsweet iced tea all day every day. This was a great post!

  6. Pamela... I put Jackie, Janet, and Lee on my reading list per your recommendation! Have a wonderful week.

  7. I'm the same way about water. I have to really remind myself to drink some each day.