Wednesday, May 2, 2018

If this is Tuesday (on Wednesday), it must be England #94

A day late If this is Tuesday post in order to wish a Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge who turns 3 today.

How adorable are these photos when she went to the hospital with her brother, Prince George, to see her new baby brother, Prince Louis?

Also celebrating a birthday on May 2 is one of my favorite actors, David Suchet aka Hercule Poirot, who is 72 today.


  1. HI Pamela! I love the little George photo - his uniform is very similar to my son's uniform before they allowed him to move from shorts to trousers in year 6! Suchet is of course a legend - but what I was drawn to in the photo was his cane. My Mum still has my Great Grand-dads, but it was also a gin stick - love it! Joanne x

  2. Princess Charlotte is SO adorable. :)

    1. Well, they both are, but it is so amusing to see their different responses to the cameras. He looks like, "Why are you here?" and she looks like, "They are here for me, of course!" :)