Thursday, April 26, 2018

W is for Colonial Williamburg

Colonial Williamsburg is the restored capital of eighteenth-century Virginia, a living history museum that encompasses much of the historic area.  It is our favorite place to visit in Virginia.

We've been visiting Colonial Williamsburg since our first time here in 2003-2007.  They have wonderful homeschool programs where the children are immersed in history.  They have conversations with the leaders of the colonial periods, play colonial games, learn colonial arts, and enter the world of people who lived more than two hundred years ago.  Here Sophia has just been fitted for her mob cap and straw hat.

One of our favorite stores is the King's Arms Barber Shop (Wigmakers).  It is an amazing history lesson to learn all about hair and wigs in the colonial era.

There are reenactments of all sorts going on throughout the year.  This was part of a Revolutionary City program.

The Mary Dickinson Store has everything colonial mothers and daughters need in the way of fashion, and everything modern-day women would like to dress in period-correct style.

A colonial Miss

The Governor's Palace, residence of Virginia's royal governor, is an elaborate palace complex complete with stunning architecture and furnishings.  The house and exquisite grounds also include stables and a carriage house, service yards, and the outbuildings for the large staff of butlers, footmen, maids, cooks, laundresses, gardeners, grooms, and landscapes who were needed to maintain this magnificent property.

Read all about Colonial Williamsburg here.

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  1. We were planning a trip to Virginia beach and Colonial Williamsburg for our vacation last year.. I can't quite remember why we didn't end up going but both have been on my list ever since.