Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Currently - June 2018

 It's time for the monthly wrap-up, Currently, with host Anne from In Residence and her June guest host is Sarah from Total Basset Case.  This month's prompts are traveling, grilling, exploring, planting, and playing.

Traveling // Vic's doing all the traveling in this household - in the past month and a half, he's been in Maine, Japan, Hawaii, and Washington.  We're loving those frequent flyer miles!

Grilling //  When he is home, it's a flank steak on the grill.  Marinated overnight in some sort of oil and vinegar or soy sauce or lime juice and a spices and herbs mixture, it's so yummy.  You can tell the plant-based eating is not going too well.

Exploring // While Vic's exploring the various airport lounges, I'm sticking closer to home and navigating my way through what we call the Christmas Room.  It's the third bedroom where we store all the Christmas decorations and it's been expanded to include tiered shelf units for excess pantry (non-food) items.  Things like appliances, extra serving dishes, kitchen items that just won't fit in our small kitchen.  It's one of my goals this month to get it all sorted and inventoried ahead of the upcoming move.  PLEASE let there be a bigger kitchen in my future.

Planting // Nothing.  I do not have green thumbs and am thankful that the yard maintenance staff take care of the outside and for a modest fee, will take of the lawn inside the backyard fence so Vic doesn't have to spend his precious few days at home mowing and weed-wacking.  I do, however, have this on my must find list for the new home.  I just love that it's tied to my blog.

Playing // We need to rev up game night again.  It's more of a challenge when there is just two of you but Phase 10 is our all-time favorite and I've had my eye on Ticket to Ride Europe at Target.

What's happening in your world currently?


  1. I have a friend that used to play Phase 10 all the time. It's a bit long, but definitely fun!! :)


  2. Those plant buckets look really cool!

    1. Sadly, I just found out they are only available in the UK.

  3. Yes to those frequent flyer miles! Michael used to travel so much more and really racked up the points. Not so much anymore!

  4. Your grilled flank steak sounds SO good...sadly our grill is on the fritz. It's actually getting too hot to even grill hear...for me anyway.

    I've never been a gardener. We've always lived in places that weren't very garden friendly. The deer in our present location devour EVERYTHING.

  5. Hello from North Idaho and stop in from Dackel Princess. Sound like you been a quite a few places.
    Stop in for a cup of coffee

  6. We used to play Phase 10 all the time... I should dig that back out! And I hope you get to benefit from those frequent flyer miles and do something fun :)