Monday, June 11, 2018

Life Last Week 2018-21

The weather:::
 Here come the 90s, well, one day this week at least.  The rest of the week is not quite as hot but still hot.

On my reading pile:::

On my TV:::
Still with NCIS.

Checked off the list:::
  • Vic was in Washington.
  • Had a great morning out at Sit 'n Sip, the moms' group get-together.  Just a couple of us but it was nice chatting and meeting a new spouse.
  • Volunteered at the gift shop and came home with a bag of goodies for under $20 - that has to be a record for me!
  • Went to see Ocean's 8 at the cinema - excellent!
  • Spent Saturday night at a house concert - yes, I'd never heard of this either.  Apparently, a man with a large backyard puts up a tent, hires a band, sets out a bunch of chairs, and charges admission.  You take along beer and food and have a great evening.  Really enjoyed spending time with our friends C and L, the singer, Kelly Willis, was great, and we had a fun night out.  Bonus was that the audience was our age group which meant they were rocking to the music but not rowdy!

Crafts roundup:::
Vic's still working on the arms of the loveseat.  Moving on to step eight of my swap ornaments and hope to get them in the mail next week.

And in other news:::
These two are gearing up for summer camping.  Sophia got a great deal on a tent and put it up in the living room to test out her tent assembly skills.

And this guy is such a good sport.  "Here, honey, stand there and hold this flower", I said.  I'm always looking for a fun shot with a burst of color for my Project Life spread.  

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