Thursday, June 14, 2018

Traveling & Trinkets - Frederickshavn and Aarhus, Denmark

Vic said farewell to Mum and Dad and the ship traveled up through the North Sea and around the Danish Jutland Peninsula, first to the town of Frederickshavn, and then to Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus.

One of my favorite trinkets, actually a set of two, is from this visit to Denmark.

I wish the plate listed, perhaps on the back, the Danish icons shown on the front but it doesn't.  I did a little research and the rest is just my best guess  From the top center, Fredensborg Palace, although listed as the spring and autumn residence of the Danish monarch, it's also the most used;  a quaint village scene; Danish folk dancers; a windmill, a very large percentage of electricity in Denmark is powered by wind; a cottage with a thatched roof; Danish fishing vessel; statue of Hans Christian Andersen; Royal Life Guards soldiers; another quaint Danish dwelling, and in the center, The Little Mermaid.  Around the edge of the plate are most likely lingonberries, bilberries, or red currants, and on each side of DANMARK is a Viking ship.  The mug complements the plate.

Definitely a wonderful souvenir from Denmark.

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  1. Today, after work, I finished my book about 9th century Danes. After spending every free minute with them for the past week, it was funny to come here and see this post. :) Pretty plate set!