Friday, January 30, 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30: Favorite Comfort Food

My all-time favorite comfort food that I'll have to be content to have only in my memories is Mum's homemade macaroni and cheese with English bacon.  How I wish I had a photograph and the recipe.  She used to make it with a white sauce from scratch and grated cheese (can't even remember what cheese/cheeses she used), elbow macaroni, and English bacon scraps that she would get from the butcher.  English bacon is the most delectable thing imaginable.  It looks like this:

Photo courtesy of Forager's (click on photo for link)

Lean and thick and mouth is watering.

The scraps from the butcher were thicker, like big chunks of ham, a little like the pieces in this sandwich but with a little fat so that when they were sprinkled over the macaroni and cheese and it was baked, they crisped up amazingly in the oven.

Photo courtesy of
I suppose I could try to recreate it but it would never be the same because I'd always be missing that one ingredient...Mum's love.

Sophia and I have a favorite comfort food when it's just the two of us...chips and gravy.  Now these are chips as in the English term for french fries, not chips as in potato chips.  French fries deep fried, sprinkled with malt vinegar and covered in brown gravy (or Sophia's version, covered in brown gravy and then sprinkled with vinegar).  Don't knock it until you've tried it...the combination of the gravy and the tang from the malt vinegar is too delicious to describe.

Photo courtesy of Gary Lum at Yummy Lummy (click on photo for link)
Comfort food for Vic and me is usually some sort of dip and dippers, something for us to enjoy while we're watching a movie together.  Tortilla chips and salsa, or spinach dip and French bread cubes, or a recent favorite, Brad's Dip with tortilla chip scoops.


  1. Add some cheese curds to your chips & gravy and you have poutine! I discovered poutine while in Canada while on our honeymoon & it was really tasty.

  2. I saw poutine on the menu when we were in Montreal but we were too busy eating our body weight in crepes!

  3. All of it sounds delicious...I love gravy and fries; there's nothing quite like it!