Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-1

Looks like Life Last Week is going to become a Wednesday feature since I have a couple of things up my sleeve for Monday and Tuesday.  It's so tough to get oneself organized after Christmas - here I am still surrounded by decorations to be inventoried and those few holiday bits and pieces that seem to get left over when all the packing away is done.

Our Christmas cards went out late this year - a failed photocard attempt meant a redo and then there was a technical problem at the printers on the second attempt so some of the cards went in the mail on the 24th.  The upside is that I am still getting cards in the mail from friends and family who are just now aware of our new address (yes, major fail on my part in getting change of address notices out).  It's lovely to see photos and read family updates even though most of us are on Facebook.  It's sort of like getting a review in December which I really enjoy.

Vic went back to work, and has duty every four days until all the holiday leave periods are over.  It's a tough job - huge ship, lots of people and work spaces to deal with, and I know his stress level is high.  Sea duty is a rough time.

Sophia prepared to go back to school.  We went shopping for a refrigerator as her old roommate was the owner of the last one.  Her old roommate moved in with a friend in another dorm (this friend lost her roommate to another school) leaving Sophia free to room with a good friend who was leaving her roommate over a personality clash.  I'm glad it worked out the way it did because roommate #1 and Sophia did not really make a good fit and she has been friends with roommate #2 and found that they are a good fit.  Roommate #1 also took the TV but Sophia decided not to replace it as she found it a distraction when she was studying or relaxing - rooomate #1 watched a LOT of TV.

We took down the Christmas decorations slowly - they were stored in the garage and I wanted to try to move them into the office.  It's not very sightly to have all these great big tubs stacked up against the wall but it is so cold in the garage right now and it got quite hot in the summer so I am worried about the effect of the change in temperature.  Note to self:  Make sure dream house has indoor storage big enough for the Christmas stuff.  It doesn't help that we have mountains of decorations - ornament inventory stands at 620 (yes, that's 620 (for the most part) individually boxed ornaments!) and I still have to log in the new ones from this year.  I seriously need an intervention or a house that can hold a twelve foot tree!  I know I should get my ornament habit under control but I love the way our tree looks and we get so many compliments.  Every ornament has a precious memory and I think they are safe for another generation as Sophia has started a small collection of her own.

We also made a few trips to the cinema over the holidays starting with Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (funny as always), Exodus: Gods and Kings (ugh, acting was terrible), Into the Woods (fabulous!), and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (spoiler: take some tissues if you like dwarves).

I hope to have the house finally all back in order today as I've got a busy weekend ahead of me with another horse show.  I'm also trying to gather some donations for team bags for the home show at the end of this month so fingers crossed that sponsors will be generous.

Have a great rest of the week and leave a comment if you're posted your own Life Last Week.

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