Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday #2015-1 - January 12

I'm making Happy Homemaker Monday from Sandra's Diary of a Stay at Home Mom my regular Monday morning post because it's quick, easy, and fun.  Click on the photo above to join in.

The weather outside is::::
Cloudy, 45 degrees, a typical Pacific Northwest day and I love it!

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Planning to go back on the Whole 30 this morning after being lured away by Carl's Jr. this weekend.  It's not hard to stay on the plan when you travel; it just takes a bit of planning and there just wasn't any planning last weekend.  Right now, I have a cup of Teavana's Peach Tranquility tea and a bottle of water in front of me.

As I look outside my window:::
The mountains are shrouded by fog/clouds - if it clears, the view is spectacular.  

Right now I am::::
Still in my fleece robe, sitting at the desk catching up on the e-mails and Facebook posts from the weekend.  

As I look around the house::::
It's pretty tidy but the floors need major attention.  I finally got all the Christmas decorations put away but they are, unfortunately, all stacked in the office awaiting organization. 

On today's to do list::::
Laundry....One load should do it.
Cleaning....In the kitchen....Just a quick swish with the cleaning cloth should shine everything up. Need to clean out the fridge.
In the living room....Ditto Sandra's vacuum rug, mop the wood floors.
In the bedrooms....Make the bed, open blinds, vacuum.  
In the bathrooms....Toilets, sinks and mirrors. 
Cooking.....Hard-boiled egg, tomato, and lettuce for lunch.  Steak and mushrooms plus whatever veggies are left in the crisper for dinner.  Need to make menus, grocery list, and go shopping. 

Currently reading::::
On the TV today::::
Game of Thrones.  I could do with a little less nudity and throat-slashing, but the storyline is good.

On the menu this week::::
Monday - Steak and Mushrooms
Tuesday - Probably leftover steak and mushrooms
Wednesday - More steak and mushrooms (can you see a pattern here? Cooking for one is boring.)
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

What I am creating at the moment::::
Does an idea in my head for a February care package count?  Trying to come up with a cool idea for Sophia.  So far we have had: October = Halloween, November = Movie Night, December = 12 Days of Elf on the Shelf at a Distance, and January = Frozen.        

New recipe I tried or want to try this week::::
It's not really a recipe but I'm going to create the bread-less version of the open face egg, tomato, and lettuce sandwich that Mom and I used to eat at the Fornebu Airport in Norway.  Dad was stationed there and the airport and the base must have been close together because I can remember going to meet him and having lunch at the airport. Something like this:

Photo courtesy of
Favorite photo from the camera::::

The fun shot of the team after the formal photo
Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::

  • Wisdom and focus for a young man, Justin, who is taking a test tomorrow that has a huge role in his career path
  • Safety for Sophia as she is away from home at school and during her riding practice sessions
  • Safety for Vic at work
Today's devotional "Don't Expect Appreciation" from The One Year Women's Friendship Devotional wasn't very inspiring but it did make me think that although we shouldn't expect appreciation, it sure is nice when you get it.  So, express your appreciation to someone for something today.  I'd like to thank the equestrian team's trainer, Kim, for all that she does for the team.  It was a long weekend of travel and she left her family and work responsibilities to coach the team through a very successful show.  Thank you, Kim!


  1. A themed care package each month? How fun & thoughtful! The view from your window sounds spectacular! All I can see when I look outside are my neighbor's houses but my husband and I dream about the day when we can live in the country. Have a blessed week!

  2. Thx for stopping by today & I love finding your blog & I think we are kindred spirits in all things England and scrapbooking. ;) Have you read Susan Branch's 'A Fine Romance: Falling in love with the English Countryside'? It's SO good & I highly recommend it & her website/blog.

    I love your care package idea - so sweet & who wouldn't want to receive that?

    Since the start of the new year I'm trying to do more bread/carb free lunches & lettuce cup "sandwiches" are a great way to go! Love those ideas.

  3. LOL when I answered your comment on my site I didn't realize you too were in the Pacific Northwest. My picture was Bandon Beach on the Oregon Coast.

    Love the bread less sandwich idea! And LOL yes ideas count!