Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-2

We took Sophia back up to Bellingham on Sunday.  Since her roommate took her fridge when she moved out, Sophia bought one of her own.  It was more than she and I could handle so I was glad that Vic was available to come with us.  Sophia's friend, Tyler, was on hand to help him lift it up the (four flights of) stairs.

Vic went back to work on Monday and I got the house back in order after the holidays,  That meant stacking everything in the office until I decide how I want to organize it all.  The week flew by and it was time for me to drop MudLynn at the kennels and head to Salem, Oregon where the equestrian team would be competing in their second hunt seat show of the IHSA season.

The facility was really nice with an indoor, heated viewing room which is wonderful to have at this time of the year.  The team did well on both days and Sophia picked up two first place ribbons which meant that she had enough points to advance to the next class level.

After the show ended on Sunday, I drove home just in time to run some errands with Vic, eat dinner, and then fall into bed.

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  1. Thanks for calling by to my blog and reading the past. I love finding new blogs and have been known to leave comments as far back as possible! I will be back to read your blog later. .. probably after tea, if that's okay?