Friday, March 27, 2015

5 on Friday

1. I am in mourning - Season 6 of Downton Abbey will be the last.

2. Every black cloud has a silver lining - this Sunday brings the return of Mr. Selfridge (Season 3) and Call the Midwife (Season 4).  I know I covered this in a post earlier this week but this is a reminder so you don't miss them.  Fabulous British TV, both of them.

3. I've been asked to review a book - stay tuned for more details.  I am so excited!

4. The Ladies of Leisure are off to the Tulip Festival, providing the weather cooperates.  Scenes of glorious blooms to be featured here soon.

5. I'm through week one of the Whole 30 and still going strong.  The next size down jeans almost fit.


  1. I tried to like Mr. Selfridge and couldn't, so I've only seen about the first two episodes. Happy to have more Call the Midwife, I thought it had ended. Sad about Downton.

    I was reading up on Whole 30...getting ready...and was happily surprised to see they allow white potatoes now! :)

  2. Sad about Downton Abbey, too. One of my favourites.