Monday, March 30, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-13

It was lovely to have Sophia home for Spring Break last week and although we had a few things on the calendar, we spent most of the time having a Game of Thrones marathon and talking endlessly about the apartment she will move into for the next school year.  I think I've mentioned before that living in the residence hall/dormitory has been fine, but the dining options have been rather grim.  She will enjoy having her own kitchen and has been making menus as she is on quite a strict budget so meal planning and shopping from a grocery list will be important.  I'm so proud of her, she really is quite organized (where does she get that from?).

After my trip to Best Buy last Monday to get my computer checked out, I stopped at another meeting for the upcoming COMPASS - Navy 101 for spouses course - session which will take place this week.  I'm observing the segments (Introduction, History, Benefits, Finances, Moving, Local Insights, Deployment, and Communication) as I don't feel quite ready to present one yet.  I'm helping with food (we provide breakfast and lunch for the three days) which for me means stopping to pick up muffins.  I am still not quite sure how involved I want to be with this group; I'll know more after this week.

Sophia got her grades for winter quarter which were quite disappointing.  We won't be putting that in the family Christmas newsletter.  The quarter was a tough one and she felt like she had studied well but the results did not reflect that.  She's never really been a test-taker and it's so much harder when the subject matter doesn't interest you.  They say that your worst grades come in your first quarter when you are getting used to college life but in her case, it was the second quarter.  She passed so it will be onward and upward for this new quarter.

Back to the dentist on Wednesday for two fillings (replace one and another small one) which went very well.  My dentist is wonderful.  Home for March's Rudolph Day - finally got back into the swing of a monthly Christmas planning day which you can read all about here.

Hair appointment on Friday - my hairdresser is wonderful as well.  After trying two other stylists at the salon, I finally got an appointment with the one who was always booked.  She's amazing and although she charges more than the others, it is so worth it. I made my next appointment before I left because I always forget and then when my fringe is in my eyes, I call to make an appointment and find there is nothing available for the next two weeks!

Sophia and I went to a Military Appreciation Day event at the fairgrounds on Saturday morning - lots of vendors, lots of information, lots of free pens and reusable grocery bags.  We stopped at Costco on the way home to pick up a few more groceries for Sophia, dropped them at home, and then headed out again for the Navy Wives Clubs of America Emergency Preparedness Event which was fun and informative.  We should all know what to do when pandemic influenza comes to our neck of the woods.

Sophia was up early yesterday to catch the 8:40am ferry and she was back at school by 10:30am - first time driving all the way by herself.  I know she's 21 but I'm her mother, it's my job to worry.  Motherhood comes with a lifetime of worrying.  She got her car unloaded and went over to the bookstore to pick up her books for the spring quarter ($622 for books for THREE classes - can you believe it? No cheaper option as each text comes with a CD needed for the class and they cannot be purchased used.)  She texted me later in the evening to say she was up to Section 1.3 in her Biology book.

Had a nice FaceTime session with Vic yesterday which is always lovely.  It was a gloomy day so that brought in a little sunshine.

Busy week this week and should have lots of photos to share as I'm off on a Ladies of Leisure outing, weather permitting. I've also got to get cracking on my A to Z Challenge as I neglected to work on my posts last week and must catch up. I also had a browse through a few of my old scrapbooks and really like the way they look so I think I'm abandoning the digital idea.  Still organizing my supplies so I'll know better when I get everything ready to go.  Have a great week!

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