Tuesday, March 3, 2015

If this is Tuesday, it must be England #14

Season 5 ends and although we know that there will be a Season 6, the words Coming In January make it seem like a lifetime away
Hard to imagine Downton without Tom and Sybbie
Hoping that the "Diana Clark" storyline is expanded - tsk, tsk, Lord Sinderby!
Love this photo - the tweeds are fabulous - and who can forget Barrow 1, Stowell 0?  Can't wait for the Spratt/Denker scoreboard either!
Are you a Downton fan?


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  2. Aaargh...it doesn't want me to comment today! The first one posted before complete, so I deleted it to do over. Then that one wouldn't post. Third time's a charm?

    Never miss Downton! Loved the finale. I'll really miss Tom and Sybbie. I hated the teacher he was seeing this year, but thought the family was really sweet about it.

  3. Heard on the radio news today that Dame Maggie Smith has said that she doesn't think she'll continue in Downton past the next season, which was disappointing - it wouldn't be the same without the Dowager Countess.