Friday, March 27, 2015

March Rudolph Day Report

Did you have a Rudolph Day?  Mine started late on account of my dentist appointment. My new dentist is wonderful; super-conscious of my anxiety and very gentle.  I left there very numb but with everything resolved (I should say Part One of Three resolved as I have a few more visits ahead of me - never, never, never neglect to go the dentist regularly). As soon as I got home, I clicked on The Bishop's Wife that I bought from Amazon Instant Video.

I'd never seen it before and I am most definitely adding it to my collection as it was delightful.  Loretta Young is absolutely stunning; Cary Grant and David Niven in the same movie is always a good combination and I love Gladys Cooper.

Organized Christmas' March Rudolph Club Meeting post had some great ideas.

March Assignment: Birthday Buying Strategy - I have to agree that spreading the cost over a longer period is a big plus.  I don't buy too many birthday/holiday gifts outside of my immediate family but this might be an interesting way to approach those I do buy.

Care and Share: Stock up on Cards - This is definitely a good one and a great reminder as I have a Hallmark discount coupon in my purse right now that expires March 31.  Off to Hallmark I go to stock up.  I have one of these card organizer boxes and I love it.

I also have a great birthday book that belonged to my Mum that has everyone's birthdays listed in it (I added to it since I got it from Mum).  I need to mark my calendar to check for upcoming birthdays and get cards in the mail.  I love to get a card in the mail, so I'm sure others do too.  I end up forgetting to do this and shooting off a quick e-mail or Facebook greeting instead.  Rudolph Day is a great day to check the following month's celebrants especially as several of my friends are overseas and getting cards in the mail around the 25th will mean that they will get to those who have early-in-the-month birthdays.

Reminder: Holiday Letter Entry -  So much easier just to put my monthly notes into an annual letter rather than try to remember everything that has happened during the year in November.

Frugal Finds: St Patrick's Day and Easter Treats - Love this!  Love, love, love a bargain!

Here's the craft project I chose for March - a layered circle ornament I found on All Things Paper:

I love it because I have so much patterned paper and I really thought it could be used for any special occasion.  I could find collegiate or hobby paper and make gifts for friends, or baby paper, or wedding paper, the possibilities are endless.  I also have quite a few round ornaments left over from Christmas; I made them for a luncheon and since several people did not show up, I can easily adhere the circles over the design on the ornaments therefore not having to buy new ones.  I'll post a photo when I get one done. Unfortunately, I didn't feel quite up to working on this today but I'll keep it in my file and try to get one done soon.

See you on April 25th!

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