Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-12

I feel like a chicken without a head - I'm running in a dozen different directions, accomplishing nothing but I need to get this post up or there will be nothing from me this week - it's just one of those weeks.

Last week seems to have gone by in a blur.  Not much on the calendar but I still didn't get much accomplished.  Eye exam on Tuesday confirmed that I definitely need new reading glasses  and dentist appointment on Thursday (after too long of an absence - you know my dentophobia) confirmed a couple of cavities but overall good dental health and the cleaning was pretty stress-free.  Both the hygienist and the dentist were super gentle and so nice.  One problem area resulting from a lot of work done on a tooth years ago needs to be looked at by an endodontist - they are thinking root canal, I am thinking please, no, anything but that.

Sophia came home on Wednesday night.  She drove from school - first time by herself although she did have a companion in the car, one of the boys from her dorm who lives near us.  He did sleep most of the trip so it was pretty much like driving on her own.  I've got this eerie feeling that I've told you all this before - flipped over to my blog and yes, 5 on Friday pretty much covered it.  Sorry, will have to make 5 on Friday more generic to avoid saying the same thing twice.

On Friday, I went to the local gym for a consultation.  I'm on a 30 day free trial to see if I like it.  Consultation was good - trainer recommended two days cardio on the treadmill and three days strength training with the weight machines so five days a week total.  Have I been back since then?  No, let's face it, I hate to exercise.  I may just go back to walking the dog.  I didn't really like the gym; it was small and just not my kind of place.  Again, pretty much anywhere one finds exercise equipment is not my kind of place.  I wish, I wish I had my old stair-climber back - it sat in the corner of the bedroom, not taking up too much space, and I used it regularly.  I could hop on in my pajamas if I wanted to.  I need to find something like that.  I feel like I have to take a shower and wash my hair to go to the gym because I wake up with such a bed head and then I have to take another shower when I get home even though my workout is not that strenuous.  Good grief, such first-world problems.

The weekend was another blur - Vic sorted and packed, Sophia sneezed and coughed.  Yes, she's picked up whatever germs Vic has spread around the house as he's still not 100%.  I dosed them both with Nyquil on Friday and Saturday and we'll hope for the best.

Yesterday I ran to Best Buy to get my computer looked at as I thought I had been hacked.  I couldn't get into my Facebook and Sophia thought I had been hacked so I hurriedly changed my password and got a text alert (I set up text alerts for any Facebook changes) that a change had been made to my account from a location on the East Coast.  What was going on?  Best Buy Geek Squad said I was fine; the odd location was the location of my Internet provider.  No-one has reported any strange communications from me so I think my inability to get into Facebook must have been a slow moment on our Internet and I was just too impatient to wait it out.  Whew (sigh of relief)!

Whole 30 is going good.  I've been trying to track my food via My Fitness Pal but since the eating plan is higher in protein and fat, it keeps telling me I'm over my daily recommended intake so I think I'm going to abandon the tracking.  Having a hard time drinking all the water; it's cold and gloomy outside and although I'm not complaining about the weather, it does make drinking water harder.

I completely spaced out on the A to Z April Blogging Challenge Reveal yesterday so here it is: Washington.  Thought I'd write about places we've explored and places we'd like to explore.  Must get busy and get some posts in the works or I'll be up until midnight every night in April scrambling to keep up.  Maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew.  I know for certain that I won't make it through the list of participating blogs - there are over 1100 of them!  I think I'll just pace myself and enjoy posting.

As for scrapbooking...don't get me started, I'm so overwhelmed.  Read a post about designing pages online and having them printed out so you can just slip them into top-loading sleeves and I think I'm sold.  I see lots of scrapbooking supplies going up on Ebay soon.

Have a good week!


  1. Exercising is something I have to push myself to do. I have found that I really enjoy walking though. Cool theme! I can't wait to read :)

  2. That sounds like a great topic! I loved Washington while I lived out there. Yeah, I don't see hitting all those blogs, either. Honestly I'm not interested in some of the topics I see a lot so I'd have to skip those.

  3. I'm so with you on the exercising. Hate it! I'm having to abandon my plans to take part in Blogging A to Z, as real life has just got in the way and I've had no time at all to prepare, which is a shame as I was looking forward to it. Will enjoy your posts about Washington, though, I'm sure x