Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Rudolph Day

It's the 25th and that means only one thing to Christmas-aholics - it's Rudolph Day!  I completely forgot to put up the reminder yesterday but if you're a Christmas-aholic too, you didn't need a reminder, did you?

This month's task, from OrganizedChristmas, was to plan holiday crafts.  I have whole slew of things in my Pinterest account so I took a long, hard look at them to decide how many I can realistically take on this year.  The top three are:

This one was for sale on Etsy but is no longer available - I just have to figure out where to buy mini-footballs
Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Ornament
These were for sale on Folksy but again, they are no longer available - I need to search for a pattern for the leaves and then I'll give them a try
Also on the list for today were reminders to update our holiday letter (so much easier to remember what we did in one month than to try to remember what we did in eleven months in December!) and to keep up with the gift closet (the go-to place when you need a hostess gift and the place to stash things for Christmas as you find/make/buy them).

I also printed all the non-date-sensitive pages for my planner and put it all together.  It was sadly neglected, not having been used since 2011 which means that the last three Christmases were no doubt a bit more hectic than they would have been had I had the planner at hand.

While I was putting the planner together, I watched this month's movie, The Santa Clause, and I'll leave you with my favorite line...

Tinsel. Not just for decoration
(after one of the E.L.F.S. uses it to break Santa Claus out of jail)


  1. Glad you got to enjoy your Rudy day. If you find the mini footballs, let me know... my son would love this :)
    I made a craft with some felt leaves... I drew them freehand (had no pattern). Could probably find a pattern in some Christmas coloring pages though

    1. I will definitely let you know if I find them. I'm thinking that I might have better luck closer to football season! It's a great ornament and can really be tailored to any sport or team.

      Thanks for the tip to check coloring pages - those blackline drawings are perfect patterns.