Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quilcene

It was tough to find a something with the Letter Q for Washington as there are only two places that start with this letter.  However, one of them is in my local area and has a site not to be missed.

Quilcene is a small town on the Olympic Peninsula along the Hood Canal.  During a recent "Let's drive around the Hood Canal" trip, we went through Quilcene and we missed the one thing that really sets it apart.  Quilcene has Mount Walker, the easternmost peak in the Olympics and the highest drive-up mountain in Washington, the only peak facing Puget Sound that has a road to its summit with excellent views of the Hood Canal, the Seattle skyline, Mount Constance, Mount Jupiter and east to Mount Baker.  How could we have missed that?

Photo courtesy of National Park Explorers
Quilcene is also famous for its oysters, prized by local restaurateurs.  We'll be visiting Mount Walker soon and stopping by the Timberhouse Restaurant to sample some Quilcene oysters, recommended by one diner on TripAdvisor as being "cooked and seasoned perfect" - the key word here being "cooked' for those of us who are not adventurous enough to try raw oysters!


  1. Good food and beautiful views - sounds like a perfectly good reason to go back!

  2. I can't imagine what the first person to eat raw oysters was thinking...eeesh. Bad enough looking at steamed clams. Though I have eaten them - I don't look at them.