Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is not for Seattle, it's for the San Juan Islands

I thought S is for Seattle was a bit obvious and the San Juan Islands are so beautiful, I thought you'd rather enjoy reading about them.

The San Juan Islands are an archipelago accessible by ferry or air from the northwest Washington mainland.  Although known for the four main islands of San Juan, Lopez, Orcas, and Shaw, the archipelago actually comprises 172 islands.

San Juan Island is one of the two larger islands and is the picturesque location for a getaway.  Lighthouses, a sculpture park, lavender fields, beautiful beaches, and Friday Harbor with its art galleries, bookshops, and boutiques are among the offerings.  

Orcas Island, just 2 square miles larger than San Juan offers curving rural roads, stunning shoreline, and a handful of charming hamlets where talented artisans abound.  Moran State Park has lakes and miles of hiking trails, and you can drive, hike, or bike up Mount Constitution, the islands' highest point.

Both San Juan and Orcas Islands feature Washington State Scenic Byways, designated as such because of their archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities.

Lopez Island, "the Friendly Isle", is also a haven for cyclists, hikers, and Lopez Village is home to cozy restaurants, a wine tasting room, art galleries, and a historical museum.

Shaw Island, the smallest of the four islands accessible by ferry, is a great place for a cycling or exploring day trip.  It's the home of the oldest continuously run schoolhouse in Washington.  Fill up, as there are no gas stations on Shaw Island!

Photo courtesy of Puget Sound Express
Drive, hike, bike, or just luxuriously stroll through the San Juan Islands.

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