Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Leavenworth

Leavenworth is located at the base of the Cascade Mountains near the western end of the Wenatchee Valley.  A former logging and fruit packing center, community leaders decided to make the most of its scenic setting by reinventing Leavenworth as a tourist destination and it was remodeled to look like a Bavarian village.

As a year-round tourist destination, Leavenworth has a packed calendar of events.  Winter brings the Christmas Lighting Festival, the Christkindlmart, and a host of festive activities. Leavenworth salutes its Bavarian heritage in mid-May with Maifest and birders gather, also in May, for the Spring Bird Fest.  In the summer, the International Accordion Celebration and a Wine Tasting Festival attract visitors and of course, what’s a Bavarian village without Oktoberfest. These are just a few of the festivals held in Leavenworth.  In addition, there are a host of outdoor activities to enjoy including horseback riding, kayaking, and white-water rafting.

Here are a few shots from our visit there last November:

A little Lederhosen for the man in your life!

Kris Kringl, the Christmas store
The Nutcracker House (there is also a Nutcracker Museum)
Delicious lunch


  1. I Loved Leavenworth! Been there a few times and it was great! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. love Annette

  2. It looks like an interesting place to visit.