Monday, April 6, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-14

I've updated my Life Last Week photo for 2015 as a result of a trip on Wednesday - more about that will be coming tomorrow - please stay tuned.

It's been a busy week compounded by the fact that I did not get my A to Z Challenge posts written in March as I had planned.  So, in addition to everything that has been going on every day, I've had to scramble each evening to get my A to Z post written.  Monday seems to have gone by in a blur...I know I spent time on the phone with Sophia regarding her appointment with the apartment leasing agent (all went well, deposits paid and she's ready for September), her job interview (went well and she was waiting for a call for a second interview but when it came and she clarified that she could only work for the spring quarter, they really wanted someone who was available to work long term as they have quite an extensive training program), and her budget/financial aid processing.

Tuesday was Day 1 of COMPASS, Navy 101 for spouses, and although I was not presenting this session, I went along to listen in on the segments and help out in general.  The course runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but I would only be there for the first and last days.  Up early on Wednesday for the trip I mentioned above and more on that tomorrow, and then back to COMPASS on Thursday.  Friday was my trip to the Internal Revenue Service to get answers to questions I had about Sophia's tuition, grants, and scholarships which took less than a minute and gave me just the answers I wanted.  Made a stop to get my new reading glasses ordered and then I went home to finish processing Sophia's financial aid papers and put them in the mail.  Fingers crossed for a similar amount of aid for the coming school year as her budget has those amounts penciled in.

Saturday was our monthly Navy Wives meeting and then we went out to lunch afterwards.  I'm still going Whole 30 strong (Cobb Salad for me - no bacon, no blue cheese and no dressing - and it was still delicious).  A few errands on the way home and then spent the rest of the evening with assorted household clerical tasks.  Finished up just before 9:00pm so I could tune into the new second half of the Outlander series.

Up early on Easter Sunday - should have gotten myself together and headed out to church but we still haven't found one we really liked so I stayed home.  Visited all the bloggers who commented on my A to Z Challenge posts last week and found some very interesting and entertaining themes.  There is a lot of amazing writing talent out there in the blogsphere.  Made another Italian Sausage and Eggplant Strata for the week's breakfasts and spent the rest of the day organizing my scrapbook supplies (yes, the fact that I'm STILL organizing them should give you an idea of how many bits and pieces are squirreled away in a dozen different locations).  Triple-header with Call the Midwife, Mr. Selfridge, and Wolf Hall - I was in British telly heaven last night!

Have a great week - more A to Z of Washington to come.

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  1. Sounds like another busy week, Pamela. Have enjoyed reading your A to Z posts so far. :)