Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Evergreen State

E is for Evergreen State, Washington’s nickname.  It doesn’t take more than a minute to figure out where evergreen comes from – just look around at the mountains, forests, parks, and protected wildlife areas and all you see is green.  Large amounts of annual rainfall account for this.

Whenever I told anyone that we were moving to Washington, their responses were either “Oh, it’s beautiful there”, or more likely “Ugh, it rains all the time”.  It doesn’t rain ALL the time, but we do have quite a bit of rain.  It’s usually more of a drizzle than anything heavier and since I grew up in England, it’s definitely my preferred climate.  A light jacket with a hood is all you need.

A waterfall shot from a recent road trip along the Hood Canal - I think this is Murhut Falls


  1. You'd love it in England today. It's absolutely glorious with the sun shining and all the spring flowers out. Friday was a different story with lots of rain - but that's what keeps our green and pleasant land! I like the sound of Washington, the evergreen state. I'm really enjoying your trip around the USA.

  2. What a gorgeous photograph. I love hearing about Washington, as I've never been there. Fun!