Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Issaquah

Issaquah is somewhere we have not visited yet but I saw the sign on the freeway when we moved to Washington and was intrigued by the name which is a Coast Salish Indian word for "sound of waterfowl".  With its roots in mining and then the lumber industry, Issaquah's development has been significantly changed in recent years by the establishment of major industry operations for companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Costco.

In addition to commercial developments, Issaquah is also in an area of natural beauty with mountains on three sides and Lake Sammamish on the fourth.  As in many Pacific Northwest communities, the geography lends itself to great hiking and other outdoor activities.  There is also a historic downtown area and a number of local attractions.  Of the most interest to our family would be the Salmon Days Festival held on the first full weekend of October.

Definitely going to put a trip to Issaquah on the calendar soon.


  1. I like any town that's historic, a town with true character! This looks like a nice town :)

  2. I was in Seattle about ten years ago for a short visit. Reading your posts makes me think I need about a month-long visit of constant action to even get started!