Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Volume 217

Although I hadn't planned to post anything other than the A to Z and Life Last Week this month, I couldn't resist joining in with Wednesday Hodgepodge.  A list of questions goes up on Tuesday, link your post up with others on Wednesday, and see what Hodgepodge is all about.

1. Speaking of April 15th...what's the most 'taxing' thing you've done recently?

It must surely be dealing with Sophia's college financial aid processing.  Ugh, it never seems to get any easier and you have to make sure that all the t's are crossed and all the i's dotted or the result could be disastrous.  I have one more call to make today to make sure that everything has been received.  All that being said, I really shouldn't complain because she was awarded a very generous package and those of you with children in college know how expensive it is.

2. When did you last take a taxi somewhere and where was that somewhere?

New York City, April 2010.  Sophia's high school music department did an exchange with students from a French high school music department and we took our student guest to New York for the weekend.  We took the train from Rhode Island to New York City, arriving late on Friday night and we rode in a taxi from the train station to our hotel.  I seriously believe that you must have a death wish to be a New York City taxi driver.

3. What's something you can do today that you couldn't do a year ago?

Hop out of bed without difficulty first thing in the morning.  After switching to clean eating, my former hip inflammation/aches and pain issue is GONE!

4. How often is chicken (in some form or fashion) on your menu at home? Which of the following would you most like to see on your table tonight...a chicken salad sandwich, your mom's fried chicken, a Chick-fil-A meal, Cracker Barrel's chicken n' dumplings, a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, or 'hold the chicken, I'm a vegetarian'...?

We eat chicken a couple of times a week.  I would most like to see my Mum's fried chicken on the table tonight because it brings back all the memories of childhood.  Speaking of memories, I just checked out my childhood (well, six years of it anyway - Army brat here, moved all over the place as a kid) home on Google Street View - so cool!

5. What was your favorite television program when you were a kid? What characters do you remember the most?

We lived overseas when I was a kid and were limited to one hour of English-speaking television per day - I can remember Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (aired from 1968-1970, I'm really dating myself here!) and Daktari (1966-1969).  We spent some time in England off and on and I loved Blue Peter which, amazingly, is still running (1958-). I'd have to say that Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot Men from a British children's show are the characters I remember the most.  It makes me giggle that their sidekick was plant called Weed!

Bill and Ben with Weed in the middle - had to have these when I saw them on Ebay
6. What was the last piece of 'art' you made?

This scrapbook title page for our 2008 Family Album.  I have since added our name and the year in the center block.

7. What frustrates you most about the Internet?

Does the unbelievable amount of spam in my e-mail count?  We've had our e-mail address for years and lately, I get almost as much spam in my Inbox as mail.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Vic is traveling and I have to say that I miss him more now that I did when I was a young Navy wife with a toddler at home.  I guess it's because, after 22 years, I feel like my other half is missing.


  1. What a cute scrapbook page! I think being a passenger in some of those cabs is also risky : ) So nice to see you in the Hodgepodge!

  2. So glad to read about the wonderful changes in your health since you began "clean eating." I had to go gluten- and dairy-free in late 2013, so I went mostly raw vegan with that, too, and I am feeling great! Amazing what a difference that can make!

    Cute scrapbook page!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Nice to "meet" you through the hodgepodge. I also have had good results with changing my diet and clean eating. I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid (Graves Disease) and after going Paleo my numbers returned to normal :)

  4. I hate spam!!!

    Diet is huge in so many aspects of life. Not enough people give it the status it should have and don't try dietary changes when health issues pop up. Way to go on healing naturally.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I have got to where I eat about 80-90% Clean and, I agree with you, I feel so much better!!

  6. I remember Skippy and Bill and Ben, too! Loved them both! Happy memories. I had no idea Blue Peter was still going strong, though - amazing.

  7. So nice to 'meet' you! I remember Daktari! Love your scrapbook page!

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog during The Hodgepodge. It was great to have you join us.
    I'm not familiar with Bill and Ben, the flowerpot men, but their names are kind of catchy!