Monday, July 18, 2016

Christmas in July - Day Eighteen

I love Peanuts!

I have several ornaments of Charlie Brown & Co. that have been on my tree for years but last year we added a few larger pieces to our decor collection.

The pieces connect together and play different carols while the lights flicker in time to the music
The Charlie Brown Nativity is adorable.
Sophia has her own piece of Peanuts in her Christmas decorations collection.  She scored an amazing deal on Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree at a thrift store - $1.99 - I think it retails for at least $12.99.

And finally, Charlie Brown items from Pinterest - these felt ornaments are so cute.  I've seen several of them but these were pinned from a little gray - there's a tutorial or a link if you'd just like to purchase a ready-made set.

No link for these glass ornaments - just a photo.


  1. You have a nice variety of peanuts ornaments and decor. I bought a new Peanuts nativity this year. I'll have to remember to post it for CIJ...

  2. Love the ornaments! And you reminded me that I pinned the felt ornaments to make for my cousin and never did! I need to make at least one :)