Monday, July 11, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-25

The days have just been flying - I can't believe that I am going into my sixth week on the new job already.  The pace is very busy and I am learning a lot of new things about our organization.  The people I work with are lovely - several times a week, someone will stop by my desk to tell me how happy they are to be working with me.  It really makes me feel special.

Outside work, my secondary job as MudLynn's mom continues.  I come home to one very excited pooch who is thrilled to see me and tell me all about her day!  I feed her and walk her and sometimes we go for a spin in the car but that has to stop because although it is a fun ride for her, it usually means a whiz through one drive-through or another and that means a dose of sugar for me.  Major Whole 30 fail!  I have to get back in the groove although if I look ahead on the calendar, I see an outing to the Lavender Festival that will come with sampling the latest lavender flavor combinations in cupcakes and a trip to check out a new pizza place with friends as well as a final lunch before homecoming with two of my fellow MilSpouses.  It's just so hard to be good.

A lemon-lavender cupcake from last year
The July 4th weekend was pretty lazy - I turned down an invitation to join friends because I wanted to stick close to home.  Fireworks + MudLynn = not a good combination although this year, she seemed more relaxed.  I planned to catch up on some Christmas in July posts until a link on Pinterest resulted in a virus so I had to take my laptop to Best Buy to be scrubbed clean.  That meant a computerless few days (such a first world problem, I know) but I'm back in business now and really enjoying all the Christmas in July posts.

Sophia came home for the weekend and we headed to the mall so I could pick up my Hallmark Ornaments as this weekend was the Keepsake Ornament Premiere.  So many adorable designs.  I tried to exercise some restraint but I'm afraid a dozen ornaments still followed me home!  Sophia and I enjoyed lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then a stop at Hobby Lobby before heading home.  She returned to camp on Sunday morning and I did some chores and prepped meals for the week.  A sure Whole 30 success involves lots of pre-planning.

Vic is having a blast in Hawaii - lots of photos of sandy beaches and blue waters.  Over the weekend, he reconnected with our best man and maid of honor from our wedding in Saipan.  They now live in Hawaii; Vic hadn't seen them since October 1994 so they had a lot to talk about.

So, here we are, another week at work and another week closer to homecoming.  Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Seems all is working out! Glad you are enjoying yourself