Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christmas in July - Day Twenty-Six

There are two trains of thought regarding Christmas in July - one is that it ends on the 25th - that would make it truly Christmas in July - and the other is that the celebration goes all month.  I'm in the latter category only because I didn't prepare ahead for it to end on the 25th and I still have things to post!

I'm going to start off by saying that it was truly Christmas in July on Monday, the 25th because this was waiting for me when I got home:

My friend Jodie put together a beautiful Christmas in July package for me!  Downton Abbey tea, a knitted Christmas Pudding ornament, and a mystery box
The mystery box revealed this beautiful commemorative mug for Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday and it was from Emma Bridgewater - how she knew that Emma Bridgewater is a favorite of mine, I have no idea!
Look at the beautiful handiwork in the holly leaves and berries - this is the Year of the Christmas Pudding - all of my new planner accessories are in this theme
This lovely card was in the package too - I love lanterns, they bring back wonderful memories of our family Christmas in Kettlewell
I was so touched by the gifts - how I wish we did not live so far apart.

Then I saw this on the Magical Holiday Home Facebook page and thought how very true it is.  For those of you who I have yet to meet in person, it's been wonderful to share posts and comments on our blogs, in the forums, and on the Facebook page.  May we share many, many more Christmases together.