Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christmas in July - Day Ten

Week Two (July 10-16)
Gifts (homemade, age appropriate), gift lists, gift exchanges, stocking stuffers, wrapping styles, gifts from the heart (charitable giving, blessing bags/kits, Angel Trees, Operation Shoebox) 

I'm kicking off Week Two with my go-to for keeping track of all of the above - my Christmas planner.  I have been using a three-ring binder with the Organized Christmas planning pages but this year, I decided to go smaller so that I could keep my planner with me.  I joined a Facebook group called Christmas Planner Addicts and decided to go with an A5 Carpe Diem planner that I picked up on Ebay.  They used to be available here but it appears that they are no longer available.  A5 is a European size, 5.8" x 8.3" with a 6-hole ring mechanism.  I purchased a great set of planner inserts - 82 different lists in all - as an instant download from Etsy and I was able to get a package of A5 paper from  I thought I would be able to find a hole punch at my local office supply store and get to work with organizing my planner but there was not a one to be found!  I thought I would find one that would be adjustable; there were plenty of those, but they all only had three holes.  So, back to, and three days later, an A5 hole punch arrived.  I was ready to go. 

The color is listed as platinum but it looks gold to me which is perfect for Christmas - inside are card slots where I have a Project Life Christmas decorative card at the top and some Home Depot gift cards at the bottom.  The other spaces will be for additional gift cards.
These are an assortment of photos I've saved from a variety of sources - you may recognize the one in the bottom left as the flag I thought was a photo of Christmas cookies a few days ago!  I printed them off on the A5 paper, fit to size, and will laminate them to use as my dividers.  Clockwise from top left:  Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt will be my Activities/Events section, the 7 Dwarves of Christmas will be my Gifts section, the Christmas cookies flag will be my Cooking section, and the glamorous hostess in the bottom left will be my Entertaining section.
Here are a few samples from the planner pages instant download that is available here:
The cover sheet
Card tracker
Budget page
I can't wait to get started.


  1. Glad you finally found the pages, who would have thought they would be hard to come by. Cute planner!

  2. That looks just about perfect!