Monday, July 25, 2016

Life Last Week #2016-27

Another busy week, another week closer to homecoming.  Work zipped along at its usual pace until Friday when my boss was off.  Finally, a chance to get a few things tidied up.  My predecessor seems to have had an obsession about keeping the office overly supplied - I think I counted 24 packages of batteries x 4 batteries in each package = that's a LOT of batteries.  I hauled quite a bit of stuff back to the stockroom, keeping enough of a supply on hand if anyone needs anything.  I was able to drop several pounds into the recycling bin - many sheets of outdated letterhead and folders with old logos.  I am quite pleased with the outcome - much less cluttered which is my style.

I stood my ground and said no to running for a new office with the Navy Wives (actually, not a new office as they would like me to continue as Recording Secretary for another year).  Taking office comes with a commitment to attend the board meetings and the regular meetings, as well as being available to take minutes for another dozen events we have each year, and I just can't commit to that at this point.  For the next few months, while Vic is still here, I need to be free to be with him and once he heads to Virginia, I want my weekends free in case he can fly home or I fly there.

Haircut on Friday, manicure/pedicure on Saturday, and a planning event at the local craft store with three girlfriends - fun, fun!  The only downside to the whole week was that I forgot to raise the venetian blind in the living room when I left for work on Friday and MudLynn (she who must be able to see outside) pretty much shredded the bottom half of it in her attempt to look out the window.  She will now have a completely unobstructed view and I'll have to draw the curtains every night until Vic gets home and can put up a new one.

And how could I forget this little gem from last week - Happy 3rd Birthday Prince George, isn't he adorable?

How was your week?

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