Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 Christmas Countdown - Day Nine

Day 9 - Set a holiday budget - DONE! Do you know the cost of Christmas? I was amazed when, a few years ago, I kept track of all of our Christmas expenses - gifts for family, gifts for others, decorations, party food, party clothes, gift exchanges, ornament exchanges, cards, postage, charitable giving, outings, events, activities...the list was endless. When I added it all up, it was an eye-opener. Only when you truly have a list of everything on which you could spend money, can you make a reasonable budget so you don't end up stretching your Christmas into January's bill-paying.


  1. Such an important reminder! I've ordered two decorative items that I spent too much money on this year already. One of them, the most expensive, was an impulse buy, and I really wish I had not indulged. I may return it. The other I have been wanting for the past four years, but held off purchasing. When I saw that they were still available this year I thought that if I still wanted them after all this time, I had better go ahead and get them before they aren't available anymore and I have to spend years kicking myself for not buying them while I could. :)

  2. Now I'm really curious - what did you buy? I can understand the one that you waited four years to buy - it's almost a guarantee that if you hadn't bought it this year, you wouldn't be able to find it next year and would resort to buying it off Ebay for more than what you would have paid originally!