Saturday, November 7, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day Six - Friendship

I am so thankful for my friends. Each period of my life has yielded some wonderful friendships and thanks to the wonders of social media, I have been able to reconnect and stay in touch with most of them. It is wonderful to find on my Facebook friends list friends from my school days in England, from my early days in cable television in California to later days in the same field in Guam and Saipan, moms of toddlers who were such a great blessing to me in Florida, moms of Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts in Illinois, homeschooling moms from Virginia and Rhode Island, wives of sailors from Vic's various commands who went through deployments and celebrated homecomings with me, friends from volunteer groups, and my Sisters in Christ who have been there for me prayerfully no matter where I am or what is going on in my life. They share their news and photos of their families and it's like we're still so close in distance and spending time together. Our way of life is constantly bringing people in and out of my life, how wonderful it is to keep these friendships going no matter how far apart we may be.

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