Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015 Christmas Countdown - End of Weeks Three and Four - Gifts and Giving and Get Cooking

I'm dreadfully behind as usual so I'm going to whiz through this and look forward to next Christmas when I'll have lots of time on my hands to give the countdown the proper attention it deserves.

Time to catch up on Week Three - Gifts and Giving

Day 16 - Renegotiate Gift Exchanges - Not really a problem for me since my friends and spouse groups are pretty budget-conscious, however, if you end up participating in too many exchanges, that can be a problem. As Nancy Reagan said, "Just Say No".

Day 17 - Shop Online and Catalogs - Online shopping is the way to go for most of my list - can we say We all have Wish Lists going through the year, sort of a personal filing system of things that catch our eye, to be stored away until something else comes along. Sophia seems to change her list weekly - you can always tell her mood - fashion, pet-centered, horse-centered, in a "things for my apartment" mood. The deadline for closed Wish Lists is approaching. No more changes after the Sunday before Cyber Monday.

Day 18 -  Set up a Wrap and Mail Center - Done! A long craft table worked perfectly with all the supplies close at hand.

Day 19 - Simplify Handmade Gifts - Eh, handmade is not happening this year. I can't count the number of UFOs (Un-Finished Objects, if you haven't clicked on the link) in my craft cupboard...far too many to admit here. Next year, maybe.

Day 20 - Status Check - Not doing too bad at all. Most presents purchased and wrapped, the remaining are on standby in a shopping cart, waiting to see if there is a better deal on Black Friday. Card dilemma still ongoing although I did slash the mailing list from 80+ to about 30. Food for Thanksgiving purchased, menu planned, decorating plans in place, things are going pretty well.

Day 21 - Make a Difference - Our giving has centered around the local projects that the Navy Wives Clubs of America's local chapter supports - refreshments for a holiday party at the Infant Development Program Center, gifts for two boys from an Adopt a Family project, needed items for the Youth Detention Center, and of course, Wreaths Across America. We have some plans for another event...not finalized yet so I'll hold on to that one until it's firm. I know that most of us are asked to give and give and give and wouldn't we like to be able to do it all? It's tough to decide which causes to support...whatever you can do will help someone in someway so don't feel badly that you have to draw the line somewhere.

Day 22 - Get Cooking Week - Until yesterday, it was cooking for a party of one - me. Soup and sandwich or a quick takeaway, that was it. Now that Vic is home and Sophia will be here soon, it's time for menus, planning, and eating around the table. Commence marathon grocery shop!

Day 23 - Plan Holiday Meals - Does planning them in my head count? Ok, ok, I'll write them down!

Day 24 - Inventory the Pantry - Did that before I went shopping.

Day 25 - Clean Out the Freezer - Did that too. 2 for 2 here.

Day 26 - Clean Out the Refrigerator - Done!

Day 27 - Plan Holiday Baking - It's called the local bakery. I will make a loaf of pumpkin bread though.

Day 28 - Create a Baking Specialty - Uh, pumpkin bread?

Day 29 - Decorate Week - Here we go, drag out the Rubbermaids! Let decorating commence.

How's your countdown going?

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  1. Just reading that exhausted me! I bought two packets of Christmas cards. And that's it. I simply cannot work up a single thread of enthusiasm for the whole thing. Sad but true.