Monday, November 9, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-41

1. A good week and very good four-day work week as I took off Friday to get a lab appointment out of the way and then headed to Oregon for Sophia's horse show. I'm a mess of contradictions at the moment. I'm not lonely, but I hate to be alone. Missing Vic terribly. I love my job, but I hate working. At this time of the year, there are so many holiday events that occur during the week and I would love to attend them all. As I said, a mess of contradictions (and what did that have to do with my week - who knows?).

2. Couldn't wait anyone longer and tuned in to Season 6 of The Great British Baking Show/The Great British Bake-Off and watched the whole thing. Of course, I will watch it again when it comes on PBS. I found out that the reason the name was changed here in the States from the Bake-off to the Baking Show is that Pillsbury has dibs on the Bake-Off term - as in Bake-Off®.

3. Thoroughly enjoyed the finale of Home Fires and can't wait for Season 2 - such great characters.

4. Had a lovely stroll around the first craft fair of the holiday season - picked up a couple of small gifts and the Seattle Seahawks earrings I knew I would find at one of the booths. My office dresses in Seahawks gear for Blue Friday during football season and since I wasn't about to pay $100 for the jersey for a team that I really don't support (I'm a faux fan - just while we're here in Washington), I did pick up a nice Seahawks infinity scarf which I wear with a blue shirt and the earrings will go nicely. $10 earrings vs. $100 jersey = Score!

5. And finally, the biggest news of the week - the first IHSA horse show of the season, Sophia's amazing ride, and the blue ribbon for first place she brought home. It was a long couple of days - 531 miles round trip, ten hours of driving, a whole lots of Starbucks, but so worth it! What a great start to the 2015-2016 season.

Getting ready to ride
Another blue for the ribbon wall


  1. Congratulations, Sofia! And Mum!

  2. That sounds like a great week. Way to go, Sophia!

  3. Well done Sophia - and well done to you for that epic journey, too!