Wednesday, November 4, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day Four - Cozy

I love this word because just hearing it brings back wonderful memories of Mum. Her goal in life was to make everything cozy. I can remember all the weeks of research she did for our holiday cottage in Kettlewell because it had to have an open fire and be warm and cozy. Cups of tea always made for cozy times, her style of decorating welcomed everyone into a cozy house, and there was nothing like Mum's remedy for those days when you didn't feel well - "Let's get you warm and cozy", she used to say, "And you'll feel so much better."

Just thinking of Mum makes me feel cozy and I'll always have my memories of her to make me feel that way.

Christmas 1996 - Mum and Dad manning their stall at the Naseby Court Retirement Home's Christmas Craft Fair

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  1. Lovely picture of your parents, Pamela - you always write about them so affectionately. Very touching.