Saturday, November 14, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day Fourteen - Tradition

How long does something have to be around before it can be called a tradition? I brought a couple of my family's traditions into our Christmas celebration - the Christmas Eve cold buffet, Sophia opening one gift on Christmas Eve, an advent calendar every year - but these were not handed down from my grandparents to my parents. I don't think either of them had a particularly easy childhood - my Mum was raised by a single parent, her Mum, and my father often talked about his abusive stepfather. They never talked about their childhood Christmases so I don't suppose they remembered them fondly. However, they made the holidays wonderful for my sister and me, and I hope that I've continued to do the same for Sophia.  I'm thankful that my childhood and hers will have happy memories.

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