Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Christmas Countdown - End of Week Two - Reality Check Week

Posting every day got lost somewhere around Day 12 so I think it might be better if I switch to a weekly recap. If you want to follow daily, you can head over to Christmas Countdown and select a notification method for the daily messages.

Meanwhile, Reality Check Week:

Day 12 - Magazine Reality Check - This one is pretty funny and they are so right - those glossy covers and photo-filled pages are so tempting. Yes, you can do it all, make it all, bake it all, have it all...uh, no, you can't. I limit my Christmas magazine shopping - Sandra Lee's Christmas special issue, BBC Good Food Christmas issue, and the Delicious Christmas issue. The pages of the last two don't hold anything I will bake or make; they just have Christmas in England on every page and since 99.9% of the items are unobtainable (here), it's just a magazine for dreaming. I pick them up before Christmas, put them under the tree, and don't look at them until Christmas Day.

Day 13 - Holiday Wardrobe Check - DONE! I have a black and silver dress and new black heels, not that we're going anywhere this year. Vic has his pants, shirt, burgundy or red cashmere sweater (he really resists the red so I bought the burgundy as a "close to red, but not quite" option), and a tie that goes with either one. As I said, not that we'll need them since Vic has duty on Christmas Eve. I have a feeling our Christmas wardrobe will consist of our matching red plaid flannel pajama pants and red shirts - sorry, Vic, you're just not getting away from the red this year!

Day 14 - Decor Declutter - Not much to do on this one but the checking the calendar and inventorying the supplies is a good one. I'm still having the "send cards, don't send cards" dilemma.

Day 15 - Here we go with Gifts and Giving Week - I'll have a recap for you next weekend.

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