Monday, November 23, 2015

Life Last Week 2015-43

Work Tuesday and office potluck = nap needed Wednesday and potluck leftovers = nap needed Thursday and what's left of the potluck leftovers = still needing that mid-afternoon nap and on tenderhooks all day waiting for the message that the ship will be pulling in the next day, and finally, Friday and Vic is home!

Saturday was a blur of the largest of the local craft fairs, a trip to the tool store, a trip to Hobby Lobby (why are all the shelves of Christmas things almost empty and marked 50% off; are they getting ready for Valentine's Day already???), and a trip to the mall. Home, soup and bread, two episodes of Quantico and bed because Vic had duty yesterday. His weekend was short. One more stop at a craft fair and marathon grocery shopping for me. Home, laundry and bed...Praise God there are only three work days this week!

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