Friday, January 13, 2017

5 on Friday

Hard to believe another week has flown by!

Winter Storm Helena blasted through southeastern Virginia and left us looking like this:

I haven't been able to find actual snowfall totals but it must have been 8-10 inches.  It was quickly followed by three days of freezing temperatures that turned everything into lethal ice.  The military bases were closed to all but essential personnel for three days and then opened things up at noon on the fourth day.  Schools remained closed on the fourth day because neighborhood roads still hadn't been plowed so the school buses couldn't get through.  Would you believe it, yesterday it was 70 degrees?  That took care of the snow.

I'm still finding little bits of Christmas tucked here and there that need to be put away.  I'm a little challenged finding a storage container for my table centerpiece so I'm off to search for a round plastic tub or decorative round storage box at Michael's today.

I whipped this up from pieces I found before Christmas at Michael's 70% off sale - a green charger, a greenery ring, a tub of red ornaments that are attached to long wires (perfect for weaving them into the greenery ring), and three votives I bought for 75% off at the gift shop where I used to work.  I don't think the entire thing cost more than $7.

The new Whole 30 cookbook has some amazing recipes and several of them will feature in our menu plan next week.

$18.00 at but I scored mine at Costco for $16.99.

Reading back through old blog posts since I was so far behind after our move and the holidays, I found this great post about beauty Advent calendars.  Most of them are British but I'm sure there is just as nice a selection here in the US.  Has anyone purchased or received a beauty Advent calendar?  I know my daughter would love one.

Vic is traveling at the end of the month so I'm getting my Netflix binge watching schedule organized.  I've been saving The Crown until I can really sit down and enjoy it (shout out to Claire Foy for her Golden Globes Best Actress in a TV Drama win!) and although I started The Gilmore Girls in Washington, I only watched a couple of episodes so that's on the list too.

Have a great weekend!


  1. This is the first I've heard of naming winter storms. I predict that my husband will hate that. Weather broadcasts drive me crazy. We were looking for temperature forecasts before the freeze here, and nobody gave actual temperatures, only wind chill. Uh, wind chill won't tell you when the water will freeze. *eye roll*

    I haven't started watching The Crown yet either. Soon.

  2. Our ice started today and is to go thru Sunday. Closed at 12 and I was to stay till 6. Doing some cleaning!

  3. You will love the Crown! We watched it when it first came out and I'm ready to watch it again. Tonight starts "Victoria" on PBS, we're going to check it out too.