Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Fun Stuff

After spending the night in the middle of nowhere - Lemoore Naval Station really is out in the middle of nothing.  I guess I thought it looked like it was close to the interstate but no, we drove for MILES while enduring the most unbearable stench.  It's a huge agricultural area and there's something about the valley and/or the weather conditions that just makes the smell hang in the air.  Ugh, praying that  Vic never gets stationed there!

Before our trek from the interstate to Lemoore, however, we did get some California sunshine when we stopped in the Apricot Capital (who knew?) to grab some lunch and drove by lots of vineyards

Up the next morning and off to Nellis Air Force Base just outside Las Vegas.  We managed to hit our drive through Las Vegas just as the sun was going down so it was lit up for us to enjoy.  I managed to count at least four hotels I'd like to visit, as well as a host of shows.  Next trip, perhaps?

Off to bed early since the next day was a fun day - Hoover Dam.  This was one of Vic's dreams and we had a glorious day for it.  We took the tour, viewed all the exhibits, strolled across the dam, and took lots of photos.  I have to admit dropping 54 floors in 70 seconds to get inside the dam was not quite my idea of fun!

The Powerplant - another post-Navy career opportunity

The Colorado River
You can have one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona
Coming tomorrow:  The fun continues!

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