Friday, January 6, 2017

5 on Friday

In my new search for federal employment, I have to register with the local Human Resources office for the Military Spouse Priority Placement Program.  I am happy to say that I finally got someone to call me back to go over the details.  Registration package will be in the mail on Monday.

Ornament inventory is complete - eleven three-tier totes!  I seem to have neglected to add in the ornaments I purchased in 2015 as well as take out the ornaments Sophia took with her when we left Washington but all is in order now.

Vic is back at work, all checked in, Welcome Aboard interview with the Admiral went well, training complete, and travel finalized for his first trip.  Operational Security being what it is, I can't tell you when or where but will cover it all (if there's anything interesting to share) when he gets back.

Still debating on whether to file a damage claim for our recent move - just a few things here and there.  I guess I am most put out by the lack of care taken with our things by one particular person - he is responsible for all of the damages.  Do I really want to read the 38 pages of instructions on how to file a damage claim, knowing that we may get only a small portion of the replacement costs due to us?  As I said, I'm still debating.

Whole 30 is going strong.  We are committed to getting healthy this year and staying that way.  Today is Day 11, part of that tough second week, but we are doing very well.  We've been cooking more together, exploring new recipes, which is a big bonus.  There certainly wasn't room for two people in our old kitchen!

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  1. Great storage for your ornaments! Where did you find those tubs?

    1. I've purchased them from a variety of sources but most recently, Bed Bath & Beyond had them. They don't seem to put them out until after Christmas, when everyone is putting their decorations away, and if you don't get there in time, they sell out. They are by Snapware and called Snap 'N Stack. I paid $19.99 for each three-tier tote - I've seen them on Amazon for more so this was a great price. And I had a 20% of your entire purchase from our Postal Service Welcome to your New Home package!