Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 1/9/2017

One of my 2017 goals is to blog regularly so I'm always on the lookout for great memes and Sandra's Happy Homemaker Monday has always been a favorite.  If you'd like to participate, click on the photo for the link.

The weather:::
White...everywhere!  I haven't seen the official totals for our area but it must be 8-10 inches.  The military bases are closed to all but essential personnel, schools and government offices, and many businesses are closed also.  The city officials just don't want people on the roads.  The temperatures are still in the freezing range so it's very icy out there.

On my reading pile:::
I'm working my way through my Christmas gifts - the final books of the Red River of the North series by Lauraine Snelling and the prequel to the whole series - and the new Whole 30 cookbook.

On my TV:::
Still working our way through our Christmas DVDs - currently on Season Two of Newhart.  We had to return The Kent Chronicles to Amazon as the DVD would not play.  We subscribed to Acorn TV to check it out to see if it's worth paying the additional fee.  I'm also watching Mercy Street on PBS.

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Salmon with roasted vegetables
Tuesday - Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots
Wednesday - Shrimp saute with vegetables
Menu planning is Thursday through Wednesday for us so I'll have a full week for you next week.

On my to-do list:::
Mail Military Spouse Priority Placement Program Package - looking to return to work if the right opportunity comes up - I'm not sure the Post Office is open today so this will be on tomorrow's list of errands.
File damage claim from our recent move or not - still can't decide if I want to go through the trouble.
Continue sorting through the boxes that are still not unpacked.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I don't sew, crochet, or knit so I'll go with creating - organizing my new planner for the year ahead.  Vic bought me a personal planner and I'll be using it in additional to the larger one I keep on my desk.

Looking around the house:::
Just a few Christmas bits and bobs still to be put away.
Closets need to have all the hangers reversed if we're going to do the "wear it or toss it" organizational program.

From the camera:::
My favorite shot of us from this Christmas.

Something fun to share:::
The Great British Bake-Off Christmas Specials, two episodes, are available on You Tube.  Such fun to see eight bakers return to the tent and the Christmas goodies they baked.

What I'm wearing today:::
Fleece and velour - it's still freezing downstairs in this house!

Bible Verse, Devotional:::
From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind;
from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth-
he who forms the hearts of all,
who considers everything they do.  (Psalm 33:13-15 NIV)


  1. Your new planner is adorable! Enjoy setting it all up -- that's something I love, as well. And Newhart... one of my favorite shows! So great!

  2. I really like your planner. Can hardly believe I've gone mainly digital but I still love to look at the pretty paper planners. You have quite a bit of snow, ours has all mostly melted and turned to mud/slush for the afternoon. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh, I am an Anglophile too! Just love all things British - and love watching Mary Berry in the Bake Off. She is divine. You new planner is so cute. And I am very jealous of all your lovely snow. Here it is boiling hot, all the paddocks are dry and I am watering desperately to keep the garden alive.

  4. Great verse to share! I enjoy seeing the snow in photos, but I left it far behind when I moved to Phoenix 38 years ago. When my kids were younger they used to beg us to take them up north when it snowed (a one hour drive!) and I'd tell them nope, I've seen snow. Haha. Two of them have lived in places with snow, one of them got caught in a snowstorm in Flagstaff, and one of them STILL hasn't seen snow in person and she's 30! haha

  5. Thank you for mentioning the YouTube British Baking specials - missed seeing those so will be off to see those next! LOVE that show. I am glad to see Mary is on the American version this season. That personal planner is adorable.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and bringing me a new blog to visit. Good luck with finishing the unpacking.

  6. It's so nice to see you again Pamela, we kind of lost touch and it's good to see your sweet face again :)

    You know I'm a huge Anglophile too hahaha I absolutely love The Great British Bake off, watch every episode that comes out.

    And I LOVE Lauraine Snelling, she's one of my favorite authors. :)

  7. Great picture of you and your hubs!! Super cute planner, my cousin would love that, she's a Paris fan.
    We got a small dusting of snow in Dallas last week but it didnt last longer than 2 days. It was pretty but not dangerous so the best kind of snow.

  8. Glad you are back to HHM : ) Newhart, now that's one I haven't heard in awhile, I think Id like to check it out. What a cute photo of you and your hubby, and that photo of the weather/snow is so pretty! Hope you are having a great day.