Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Catching up again on the March Minimalism Game - Day Twenty-Five

Searching for something for Vic led me to a storage tub that revealed, among the useful stuff, this pile of useless items.  Clockwise from top: one grey sweatshirt drawstring, one USS KAUFFMAN rubber bracelet (made as a fundraiser during a deployment - I think I was going to cut it open and scrapbook it but it's developed a nasty, sticky texture so off to the trash it goes), one key ring, ten items in a bag marked "unknown", one bag of bits and pieces marked "Sophia's closet hardware", two markers and a pencil, odd pieces of craft foam, one silver dollar (can't see it too well, it's in the plastic bag under the craft foam - it was sent to Vic by a friend to be used as the silver dollar for his First Salute after commissioning but it's dated 2008 - probably wouldn't have mattered but I had already purchased new ones), brown shoelaces (from Sophia's paddock boots that we no longer own), a blue drawstring, and below that, a red ribbon from a giant Christmas ornament (how do I remember these things?), a red stretchy thing that I think is the bracelet part of a keyring (ring nowhere to be found), a thumb drive case, and a bookmark/photo-holder.

I shudder to think what's in the box marked "Destroy 2015 - cords, wires and stuff of undetermined origin or use" that I just spotted in the closet but that post will be coming up soon.  It's marked Destroy 2015 because that is when we were supposed to be moving but since the move date has been moved up, so will the Destroy date.  It's been sitting in the closet since June 2012 so it's unlikely that we will have a use for anything in the box.


  1. Good going Pamela - I honestly thought you were aiming too high but looks like you are going to achieve your goal:)

  2. We still have boxes in our garage unpacked from when we moved house, two houses ago. Best thing would be to take them to the dump without even looking inside since we clearly haven't missed anything in them!