Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If this is Tuesday it must be England #9

Steamed puddings are a favorite dessert in our house, especially Spotted Dick.  It's a dense but moist cake-like dessert full of sultanas and raisins and the Aunty's brand comes in a package of two that are easily microwaved.

I recently found the Mr. Kipling variety at my local British Foods shop which has jam or lemon sauce at the bottom of the tub so that when you invert it, it cascades down the sides of the pudding.

I've always wanted to make my own steamed puddings.  Place some jam in the bottom of a pudding basin, pour in the pudding mixture, cover with a creased piece of foil tied around the basin with string and steam in a saucepan until done.  The problem has always been the pudding basin itself.

Mason Cash - "choice of the discerning cook" - pudding basins are available on Amazon.com so I ordered one and hope to shortly turn out a masterpiece like this one.

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  1. You could also use it to make a Christmas Pudding - make it early November and it will have plenty of time to 'mature' before the big day.