Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Minimalism Game - Day Fifteen

Longaberger dinner plates and luncheon plates - eight of each - yes, that's sixteen on day fifteen but it didn't  make sense to hold one over to tomorrow's post!


  1. Yikes! What are you doing with your LB? Was that a difficult decision? The next two weeks are going to be most interesting!

    1. Yes and no. Vic doesn't really care for the square design and I'm a bit over how heavy they are. I do like the serving pieces though because I like to be able to put things in the oven and/or microwave. Wouldn't trade my square pan or the 13x9x2 either because I love how they clean up so easily. I've switched to round, white china plates - they go with everything no matter what season or occasion. A friend of mine might take these all off my hands - her pregnant grand-daughter is setting up house and needs dishes. If not, off to the consignment shop they go.