Monday, March 10, 2014

The Week Ahead - March 10

Outside my window...first day of Spring Break and we'll be having a high of 68 degrees today.  We'll have a couple of days to lure us into thinking spring is really here and then we'll be back down to 39 on Thursday.  Oh, well, enjoy it while it lasts.  Just no more rain, backyard is under construction as contractors work to fix a plumbing problem in these houses (no problem here but since I'm the end house, it's here that they chose to put the manhole).  Honestly, it looks like the Battle of the Somme's been fought out there.
I am thinking...that I am going to detour the things meant for the consignment shop to a quick stop at the community yard sale this weekend - a chance to make a little for the vacation fund. 

I am thankful...that Vic arrived safely at his destination.  Another week, another destination.  Last week it was Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for a training session with two of his co-workers; this week, he's a little farther away.

From the kitchen...Vic's still gone until the end of the week so it will be an interesting combination of takeaways, snack foods and maybe an experiment or two again.

I am hearing...the's not 68 outside yet!
One of my favorite things...decluttering - having so much fun on the Minimalism Game and finding all sorts of long-forgotten treasures.

I am reading...finished Georgette Heyer's A Civil Contract and now I remember why I don't like books like that.  The Regency language is so's really hard to read at times. (I was pretty sure florid was the word I was looking for so a quick check of the dictionary "elaborately or excessively intricate or complicated" confirmed it).

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...meeting with my thirty-one upline today to go over a couple of things - got my start-up kit in the mail and I'm loving some of the contents - training a new volunteer at the boutique tomorrow, stopping by quickly on Wednesday to introduce myself to another new volunteer but she's working with a veteran so I won't have to stay too long, Mustang Spouses lunch on Thursday followed by Sophia's riding lesson followed by an evening event at the Tidewater Collection followed by picking Vic up at the airport at midnight (that's going to be a day and a half), sleeping in late on Friday to recover from Thursday and then the community yard sale on Saturday.  Any leftovers will be taken to the consignment shop on Monday.

College Update...Spring Break this week.

Volunteer Update...more new volunteers to train this month.

Travel and Family Field Trips Update...Vic's back from one trip and off on another.  His next trip has been changed but it's still an international one.

The Tidewater Collection has been decorated and the spring merchandise is out
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