Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saturday Night at the Movies

Took in a couple of  movies in the last two weeks - a free preview for the first one which is always an added bonus!

300: Rise of an Empire was pretty gory, especially since it was in 3D.  Nothing like seeing an arm or leg or head lopped off and appear to be flying right at you!  My goodness, Artemisia was one evil woman although I have to admit that IMDB's Quotes really missed the mark - she had the best one-liner of the movie.  Definitely gory, but a good show.

Really enjoyed this one last night - had to come home and Google the Ghent Altarpiece and the Bruges Madonna and Child.  Must sees on a trip to Belgium.  Have to agree with Caroline, an aspect of World War II that I had not known about either.  Read more about the real Monuments Men here.

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