Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Minimalism Game - Day Eleven

Back to the kitchen cupboards/drawers.

One set of silicone mini-cupcake molds, one snow cone cup, two measuring cups for rice, one giant measuring scoop, two more heart cookie cutters, one red mini-funnel, white scraper thing, one set of corn on the cob holders, the previously mentioned metal measuring spoons and cookie scoop all on top of a silicone snowflake mold that I bought to make snowflake-shaped peppermint bark.  To say I failed miserably is an understatement as it all ended up as peppermint bark snowflake pieces.  Popping things out of silicone molds is not as easy as they say it is.  Off to the consignment shop/donation center after a brief stint in the yard sale!

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