Sunday, March 30, 2014

Still catching up on the March Minimalism Game - Days Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Eight, and Twenty-Nine

Such a crazy few days and honestly, these things were gathered and forwarded to their respective new homes - consignment shop, donation bin, or trash - but I just haven't had a moment to get the posts up.  Without further ado...

Day Twenty-Six - Twenty-five pieces of Chief Petty Officer insignia and one stray LTJG bar.

Day Twenty-Seven - Eleven pieces of wood that once belonged to an entertainment center plus eleven items from Sophia's room - two framed pieces, one plate, two necklace hangers, one Math dictionary, two CDs, one luggage tag and two key rings - and five pieces of clothing that I forgot to photograph before they hit the donation bin.

Day Twenty-Eight - Twenty-eight copies of This Old House magazine.

Day Twenty-Nine - Twenty-nine assorted woodworking and home energy magazines - if you think I'm being unnecessarily cruel to my better half by pitching his stash, my Sandra Lee magazines will be culled next!  Have to worry about that as-yet-to-be-determined household goods weight allowance and magazines weigh a lot!

I have to admit, having a good clean-out is very liberating.

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  1. Great job playing catch up after a busy week! Magazines are hard to get rid of; I'm sure I'll need that one piece of information, so I save stacks of them. I have to keep reminding myself that the internet has all the answers. :)