Monday, March 31, 2014

March Minimalism Game - Day Thirty-One - THE END!

This is the next task...the garage.  I doubt there will be much minimaling going on since I am married to the pack rat extraordinaire when it comes to tools and guy-stuff.  A quick whiz 'round, however, before he got home yielded stuff that I know we are not going to use in this lifetime and so off it goes.

What a  mess!

I managed to minimalize the following - five speakers, two pieces of electronic stereo equipment (don't know what they are for but they've been sitting in the garage for two years so how useful do you think they are?), one cooler, one beverage cooler, seven pieces of looks-like-crystal-but-it's-really-plastic servingware, one thermal jug, one basket with liner and one extra liner, one mini food chopper, three books, one coin purse, one keyring, two nightgowns (no clue how they ended up in the garage!), and at least a dozen pieces of foam piping from the Rhode Island house.  How many is that? 28 + 12 = 40, yippee! I met the goal plus some.

April is Paper Minimalising Month for me - Vic has a mountain of documents (no doubt some in triplicate) and there are things I've been hanging on to for years.  Can you believe this?  I have every tax form since I entered the workforce - 1978!  Hello, Pamela, you keep them for 7 years, not 36!!  Let the shredding begin.

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  1. Congratulations! Great finish! Can't wait to hear about your paper purging in April; a new shredder may be in order. :D